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The Five Reasons to Choose Group Travel

Let's dive in and discover why you should consider joining a group tour for your next gardening adventure!
hummingbird at pink flowers in botanical garden in Costa Rica
Costa Rica

5 Best Gardens to Discover in Costa Rica

Check out the 5 Best Gardens to Discover in Costa Rica with Discover Our Tours Garden Tours
Vancouver Garden
British Columbia

10 Best Gardens to Discover in Vancouver, British Columbia

Vancouver, British Columbia, is renowned for stunning natural landscapes. Here are the top 10 gardens in Vancouver for every Master Gardener and garden lover.
Washintont DC Garden
Washington DC

10 Best Gardens to Discover in Washington, DC

Washington, DC is a hub for garden enthusiasts, and there are plenty of beautiful gardens for Master Gardeners to Discover. Here are the top 10.
DOT Day 1 and Arrival

5 Best Garden Tours

At Discover Garden Tours we design all tours to maximize your intimate garden tour experience. This year's list is designed for Master Gardeners and garden lovers.
vacation family feud - how not to stress out

Why We Stress Out on Vacation

Fighting on #vacation is more common than you think. Don’t worry or let that stop you from trying again.
think S.C.A.R.F. for travel logistics

5 Reasons Why Group Travel is Trending

Planning vacation logistics is often the hardest part, especially if you have a lot on your plate or are not a seasoned traveler. Here's an acronym to help.
Costa Rica

2019 Costa Rica Tour Day 9

By Susan Mahr January 24, 2019 Those of us staying at Trogon had a relaxed morning, with breakfast anytime after 7:00, luggage needing to be outside the rooms by 7:30, and departure at 8:30. It was a little bit warmer this morning than yesterday (53) and there were a few birds around, including the ground-foraging …

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Rainbow in Clouds
Costa Rica

2019 Costa Rica Tour Day 8

By Susan Mahr January 23, 2019 It was quite chilly overnight, but between the propane heaters, hot water bottle left under the covers and the thick, snuggly comforter on the bed it was very nice for sleeping. And it was pretty quiet, with few sounds other than the soothing hypnotic sound of the river running …

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Costa Rica - Day 6
Costa Rica

2019 Costa Rica Tour Day 7

By Susan Mahr January 22, 2019 The birds and people started making noise around 5:00. Most people were up early, leaving their bags outside the rooms and up to the dining hall by 6:30 (or before to watch the same assortment of tanagers and other small birds we’d seen the previous day coming in to …

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